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North Korea says it tested new ‘huge’ ICBM

STORY: North Korean state media says that Pyongyang’s latest weapons test was a new, powerful type of intercontinental ballistic missile.The North’s KCNA said on Friday that leader Kim Jong-Un had directly guided the test of a Hwasong-17, a missile that is North Korea’s biggest to date and was first showcased in a 2020 military parade. It was also the first ICBM test by the nuclear-armed nation since 2017.Kim was quoted saying the test was key to demonstrate the might of its nuclear force and deter any U.S. military moves and a ‘miraculous’ and ‘priceless’ victory by the Korean people.Flight data indicated the missile flew for 681 miles, higher and longer than any of North Korea’s previous tests, before it crashed into the sea – west of Japan.North Korea’s return to major tests of weapons that could potentially strike the U.S. poses a direct challenge to President Joe Biden as he responds to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The launch drew condemnation from U.S. officials as well as Japan and South Korea.South Korea’s recent election raises the prospect of a fresh crisis after the launch.A new, more conservative government led by Yoon Suk-youl has pledged a more muscular military strategy to counter Pyongyang. The U.N. Security Council will meet publicly on Friday to discuss the ICBM. However, world powers on the council are currently at odds over the Ukraine war, making the kind of sanctions that were imposed on North Korea by the UNSC after the 2017 test a far more complicated process.

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