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Key Words: John Major calls Boris Johnson’s government ‘shifty’


There’s nothing quite like Tory-on-Tory violence.

Former UK Prime Minister Theresa May stunned parliament when the “summary” of the report into the alleged lockdown violations by Boris Johnson’s government was released, when she asked him in front of Parliament whether he just didn’t understand his own rules or whether he thought he was exempt.

Another former prime minister, John Major, lit into Johnson on Thursday. Speaking at the Institute for Government, Major said no government can function if its every word is treated with suspicion.

If trust in the word of our leaders in Parliament is lost – then trust in government will be lost too. At No10, the Prime Minister and officials broke lockdown laws. Brazen excuses were dreamed up. Day after day the public was asked to believe the unbelievable. Ministers were sent out to defend the indefensible – making themselves look gullible or foolish.
Collectively, this has made the Government look distinctly shifty, which has consequences that go far beyond political unpopularity.

The full speech from Major is available here.

Betting markets are still showing that Johnson will stay at least through July.

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