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Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips can make the crypto market less cryptic


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Why do some people call bitcoin a religion?

Bitcoin has become so attractive to so many people, in ways that would not be possible if the cryptocurrency were approached as a purely economic phenomenon. Read More

Tax season: does IRS know if you trade crypto? Is your NFT sale or mining income taxable?

A weekly look at the most important moves and news in crypto and what’s on the horizon in digital assets. Read More

The SEC is illogical in its continued refusal to OK a bitcoin ETF

Whatever merits the SEC’s rationale initially had, the recent acceptance of bitcoin futures ETFs puts it long past time to approve a bitcoin ETF. Read More

Bitcoin is powerful but can it predict Nasdaq and S&P 500 corrections and rallies?

Bitcoin’s as a leading indicator of the stock market doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. Read More

Meta’s projections for Facebook advertising point to trouble for the U.S. economy

Facebook’s giant ad business isn’t just being hurt by Apple’s change in privacy policies. Read More

Facebook is one of only four companies in the S&P 500 to make this remarkable achievement over the past 10 years — and its stock is already cheap

Facebook holding company Meta Platforms had a rough fourth-quarter earnings report, but there are silver linings as the company begins a multiyear transition. Read More

This contrarian indicator is sending a frustrating message about gold

My monthly contrarian update of market-timer sentiment Read More

Should you add residential real estate to your retirement portfolio?

Research suggests that residential real estate can enhance the long-term viability of your retirement portfolio Read More

This market-timing model has made stock investors more money than the ‘Super Bowl Predictor’

Rams or Bengals? For the stock market, it makes no difference which team wins the big game. Read More

Stay cautious about the S&P 500’s ‘monster oversold rally’

How to play a FUN takeover rumor. Read More

Invest in Google if you like — but that stock split isn’t a solid reason to be bullish

Stock splits used to be positive signals for investors, but that stopped years ago. Read More

AT&T and 4 more unloved dividend stocks to buy in a ‘risk-off’ era

If ever there was a time to consider sleepy but stable dividend stocks, now is the time. Read More

Stocks shook off COVID but the market could weaken if the virus becomes part of life

Lessons from the Spanish Flu pandemic a century ago. Read More

These 7 semiconductor stocks may be close to a bottom. This chart pattern shows when and how much they might rebound.

Analysts at Jefferies see chip makers’ stocks peaking, bottoming and then roaring back, which may soon be repeated. Read More

A mix of 60% stocks and 40% bonds will deliver anemic returns over the next decade — here’s how to adapt

Investors must add alternative investments to their asset-allocation mix. These three model portfolios deliver similar returns with less risk. Read More

Here are the odds you’ll outlive your money

There’s good news and bad news. Read More

The financial services business has a diversity problem. Here’s how to fix it.

Collective support, mentoring and education can encourage more minorities to become financial advisers. Read More

Should your financial adviser specialize in your profession? Here’s what experts say.

You might be more comfortable knowing that an adviser understands your career. Read More

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