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Personal Finance Daily: Home prices increase at fastest rate in 34 years and COVID-19 unleashed long-simmering employee dissatisfaction


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Follow these steps to travel sustainably in Costa Rica

Ecotourism is the current buzzword in most travel literature, yet many people don’t understand what’s involved. Read More

Russia-Ukraine crisis: ‘The so-called recognition of independent regions in Ukraine is just an excuse to enter with even more military force’

Russia’s Vladimir Putin ordered forces Monday into separatist regions of eastern Ukraine, raising the likelihood of a full-scale invasion of the country. Read More

Home prices increase at fastest rate in 34 years in December, but rising mortgage rates remain a threat

Economists expect that the pace of home-price growth will slow in the face of rising interest rates. Read More

New cars have gotten slightly cheaper

The good news is that new-car prices may have peaked, but car shoppers still are paying more than $900 above sticker price, on average. Read More

Which electric SUVs have the most cargo space? Here’s a full list

Will that EV hold as much stuff as a gas-powered SUV? Don’t worry, gone are the days of an EV’s battery creeping into the cargo area. Read More

Here’s how to increase your chances of buying a home, even as mortgage rates rise

Rates went up so fast that the effects may feel shocking and disheartening. Here’s what would-be buyers can do to increase their chances of success. Read More

5 ways supply-chain problems are affecting hotels

From coffee cups and towels to construction supplies for renovations, hotels are facing challenges, and it could affect your stay. Read More

‘She had a will, but it was null and void’: My friend and her sister are fighting over their mother’s life-insurance policy and $32,000 bank account. Who’s right?

‘That life insurance and checking account was never supposed to be part of the estate. ‘ Read More

Why have so many people soured on work? COVID-19 unleashed long-simmering employee dissatisfaction

‘Our evidence does not support the notion that the contraction in labor supply is driven mostly by women responding to child-care demands,’ new research finds. Read More

Americans are worried they’ll get smaller tax refunds this year — unfortunately, they’re onto something

The average tax refund as of early February was $2,323 Read More

Russian oligarchs lose £23.5bn as Ukraine crisis deepens

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