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Personal Finance Daily: The pandemic’s financial difficulties have created ‘fertile ground’ for scammers and there’s now a tax credit for certain home improvements


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There’s now a $500 tax credit for heat pumps, EV chargers and these home improvements — EPA extends Energy Star program

Add electric-vehicle chargers, heat pumps, smart thermostats and more to the list of energy-efficiency home improvements that earn a tax credit. Read More

A homeless man known as ‘Million Dollar’ was the mastermind behind a $500K Beverly Hills credit-card scam that stole goods from Fendi, Gucci, and others

Trace ‘Million Dollar’ Jones will serve four years for an elaborate identity-theft scheme that landed him dozens of American Express cards . Read More

The pandemic’s isolation and financial difficulties have created ‘fertile ground’ for scammers — especially ones hawking crypto investments

The median amount of money lost by fraud victims is at a 10-year high, according to a consumer advocacy organization. Read More

Yes, your workplace is probably racist. Here’s how to start fixing it.

‘It took a long time to build these systems and it’s going to take a long time to dismantle them,’ says ReadySet CEO Y-Vonne Hutchinson. Read More

Chevy fans can plan for these popular models to go electric soon

Chevrolet will build electric versions of two of its most popular SUVs, both set to reach the market in the fall of 2023. Read More

What you smell is what you get, and other reasons I avoid Airbnb

The negatives of Airbnb so often outweigh the positives that more travelers, even backpackers, might want to reconsider Read More

I’m 60 and a single mother. My daughter, 17, has a developmental disability. How do I make sure she’s taken care of after I’m gone?

‘We are focusing on life skills for her, but she will likely always need strong support and guidance in almost everything.’ Read More

‘The science about the benefits of cannabis is limited’: Does legalizing marijuana lead to an increase in tobacco use?

A new study analyzed the relationship between recreational cannabis and tobacco amid growing public support for legal marijuana. Read More

My girlfriend lives with me and uses her apartment as a $750-a-month closet. She wants to officially move in, and pay me $117 a month

‘I view the rent I get from my spare rooms as income from an investment, while she views it as something that offsets my mortgage.’ Read More

With chicken wing prices rising by as much as 26%, will Super Bowl parties still be happening?

Overall, costs are increasing by up to 14% for a full game-day spread Read More

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