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The Margin: Move over Netflix, move over everything. 200,000 people are watching planes land at Heathrow amid crazy winds


“That was nuts man.” “Oh bosh! “Get it down mate, yeaaaah!”

Planespotter Jerry Dyer from Big Jet TV became a minor celebrity Friday, as he live-streamed jets trying to land at London’s Heathrow Airport for his YouTube channel.

The southern half of England was under rare “red” warnings for danger and flooding amid wind gusts of up to 80 miles an hour, as Storm Eunice, which has already wreaked havoc in Scotland, barreled in. Europe has also seen similar storms, with flooding in parts of Germany.

Dyer’s cheery, colorful comments, often interspersed with singing didn’t take away from the tension of seeing a Qatar Airlines making two attempts to land in the fierce crosswinds. He also juggled interviews from news channels that were ferrying crews out to his location in a field outside the airport, as onlookers were lining the fence.

“Wow, 185,000 people watching, are you sure?” he yells out at one point, over at-times deafening wind gusts, pointing out that they normally have about 6,000 people watching.

That number crossed 200,000 on Friday.

“We’re a live aviation channel, we’re all over YouTube, but this is obviously the best sort of scenario, the most exciting stuff you can possibly get,” Dyer said in one interview, overhead on his stream. He said they’ve filmed storms before, but nothing like this one.

“This is a lot of fun, but this is all about pilots,” he told Channel 4 in a live interview. The most amazing thing he’s seen on Friday? “When they nearly touch down and then they go around, that’s when it gets really hairy.”

Here’s one example — a British Airways jet performing a go-around after nearly flipping over.

Social media was going mental over the whole thing, as Dyer identified and cheered on each plane that swerved dramatically on approach. One can only imagine the poor passengers inside, sick bags at the ready.

Dyer’s Big Jet’s show offers live domestic, international and military shows, with memberships available for 1.99 pounds ($2.71) monthly (they were rolling in at a steady clip, apparently on Friday), and plenty of souvenirs. His LinkedIn page indicates the show has been running five years.

When that jumbo Qatar Airlines jet, with its “35-ton undercarriage alone,” finally landed on its third try, Dyer whooped and said. “Bosh! Flippin’ heck. YEAHH! AWESOME!! Well done sir, or madam!”

Don’t tune in unless you’re prepared to lose your entire day, and you’re not flying anytime soon. But move over Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu, at least for Friday.

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